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    The accredited High School at Laurel Springs prepares students for graduation and admission to college. The school offers flexible academic schedules, extensive course options, and enrollment in Advanced Placement and dual enrollment courses earn students college credit.
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    Our accredited High School is an exceptional online academic program preparing students for college and beyond.

    Quick Facts
    • Who can apply?

      We accept high school students in grades 9-12.
    • When can students enroll?

      Rolling admission allows most students to enroll at any time.
    • How much does it cost?

      Laurel Springs High School tuition is $10,300 for a full year.
    • What time are classes?

      Students have access to the classroom 24/7, giving them the freedom to complete coursework at their pace.

    The High School Experience

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    Set your schedule and pace

    Laurel Springs High School provides a flexible online learning environment uniquely suited to high school students who want to set their pace and complete coursework on their schedule. Students receive personalized support from teachers to help them progress along the path to graduation.
    Our Education Model:
    • Focuses on knowledge acquisition and application
    • Allows students to complete coursework and take exams multiple times to get the grade they want
    • Emphasizes critical thinking, time management, and independent scholarship

    Learning Management System

    Learning is a collaborative experience using 21st-century communications tools and technologies in online environments.
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    Personalized Learning Plan

    We design our curricula around your student(s) to create the best possible learning experience, while teachers and counselors help amplify each student's strengths.
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    Prepare for college

    We are focused on preparing high school students academically and emotionally for post-secondary success. Teachers and counselors work collaboratively with your family to ensure students are ready for the rigor of college-level academics.
    Colleges Our Alumni Attended
    • Learn critical thinking, writing, and reading skills through a challenging High School curriculum
    • Enroll in college-level courses challenging your mind
    • Interact with a global community of peers who share similar interests and passions

    Choose your educational path

    Laurel Springs believes in an experiential learning model inviting students to discover, explore, and grow through real-world experiences. Our High School program provides a diverse catalog of courses, and students may choose core courses, world languages, electives, and micro-courses appealing to their interests.
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    World Language Programs

    • Gain proficiency in conversation, culture, and comprehension of world languages
    • Choose from American Sign Language (ASL), Chinese, French, German, Latin, and Spanish
    • Travel with a school-sponsored international student trip to practice your world language skills

    Extensive Selection of Courses

    • Choose from more than 200 college-prep courses
    • Earn college credit through nearly two dozen AP courses and available dual enrollment offerings
    • Select from a list of almost 100 elective options or the uniquely designed micro-courses exploring areas of interest

    Student support - 24/7

    All Laurel Springs students will also now have access to 24-7 academic support with our new partner, provides live tutoring on its dedicated platform by highly-trained tutors for all K-12 grade levels and subject areas. Laurel Springs students will access from their portal and their courses, and they can drop in for on-demand help or schedule time with a tutor. For more information about, please check out this video.

    Receive guidance from counselors

    College counselors play a crucial role in keeping students focused and on track for post-secondary goals, college applications, and graduation. Counselors communicate with teachers; write recommendation letters; and assist students and parents with academic, social, and emotional needs.

    School Counseling Benefits
    • Students meet one-on-one with their counselor for support in successfully reaching their goals
    • College-bound student-athletes receive guidance focused on eligibility, amateurism, recruitment, and balancing academics with athletics

    Enjoy an incredible student life

    College preparation extends beyond the classroom. We encourage students to explore areas of interest and passion alongside their peers through participating in clubs providing leadership, collaboration, and real-world opportunities. Clubs range from Honor Societies to creative and performance-based, health and sciences, language and travel, and more!

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    Clubs and Activities

    Students can participate in our vibrant social community, including clubs, virtual field trips, and a private social network.
    Clubs and Activities

    International Travel Opportunities

    Annual International travel opportunities include service-learning and leadership experiences. Students interested in learning more about the available travel learning opportunities should contact

    Ready to get started?

    See how far your students can go when given the freedom to pursue what they love.
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    Proven Performance

    Each year, more than 300 colleges and universities around the world accept our graduates

    • How do I enroll my student in Laurel Springs’ High School program?

      Simply fill out an application. An admissions coordinator will reach out shortly.

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    • What high school courses are offered?

      We offer more than 200 college-prep courses, including unique elective options, Advanced Placement courses, honors courses, and dual enrollment offerings.

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    • Do you offer NCAA-approved summer courses for student-athletes?

    • As a parent, what is my role in my child's online education

      You play a supporting role in your child's academics. High school students create and act on their schedules with minimal guidance from you.

      Parent resources include Observer accounts to monitor your child's learning progress and access to Naviance for observing your child's college plans. We also encourage you to regularly connect with your child's counselor and teachers.

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    • Do you have prom and other school events?

      Yes! Throughout the year, students can participate in in-person and virtual field trips. And, at the end of the traditional academic year, we host our Annual Year-End Celebrations, a three-day event including prom, graduation, and an alumni reunion.

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