Teachers Trained For Your Child

Teachers are specially trained to engage young minds in an online environment, providing students with sensory-stimulating experiences that nurture their natural love for learning. Students discover topics through hands-on exploration and experimentation, with attention to their personal learning styles.

Teachers work closely with children and parents to create an academic environment that is best suited for student success, offering academic, social, and emotional support as they prepare for Middle School.

A Curriculum Designed To Stimulate Young Minds

Laurel Springs uses an instructional model that is personal and experiential, believing that young minds are inspired by creative teachers who cultivate their curiosity and care about them. Students progress at their own pace with classes that encourage hands-on experience with the subject matter.

Teachers meet students where they are by providing meaningful feedback and inspiring academic growth and mastery.

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Like so many parents, we found LSS because of the pandemic. My daughter has chosen to stay at LSS into the future because of the quality education she is receiving. She loves the independent learning style and couldn't be happier with all of her teachers.

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Laurel Springs Parent

A School That Fits Your Schedule

The Lower School is built around your schedule. Flexible start dates and an asynchronous learning model allow families to schedule classes and coursework to meet their individual needs. Teachers work in collaboration with students and parents to create a positive learning experience that aligns with their lifestyle.

Set Your Own Start Date

Select when your child starts school. Laurel Springs uses an asynchronous learning model that gives students the flexibility to arrange classes and coursework around their schedule.


Teachers provide progress updates and personal instruction to help students succeed in their studies and develop the skills necessary to be successful moving on to middle and upper school grades.


Determine Your Academic Path

Help your student discover their talents and passions through a wide selection of courses that can be completed on your terms. Learn languages, participate in clubs, and explore interests around your schedule.

  • Complete core coursework in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.
  • Learn world languages with online courses that start as early as kindergarten.
  • Participate in Counseling Department activities and clubs that will allow your student to learn and grow from their peers.

This program has given my student such incredible tools to learn and grow as a student and person. We didn't know how our student would thrive in a traditional brick and mortar environment and the flexibility of LSS has supported my student to find a schedule that best suits her learning style. As a Kindergartener she is able to form a story and write out paragraphs about something she is passionate about. This is a testament to your program and curriculum.

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Laurel Springs Parent

A Student-Centered Education

Stimulate your child’s mind with an online education model that is designed to engage early-age learners with topics they can touch, talk about, and discover through day-to-day activities. This accredited program for elementary education encourages academic growth through exploration and experimentation.

The Lower School includes core classes such as English, Science, Math, Social Studies, Physical Education, and Health that can be completed on your schedule with personalized instruction and mentorship from qualified teachers.

Mastery-Based Approach To Elementary Education

Beyond the basics, Laurels Springs seeks to identify and celebrate your student’s unique strengths through elective courses on topics such as cooking, coding, and prehistoric life that expose them to career pathways that may spark their passion.

The Lower School offers a wide selection of extracurricular clubs and activities that allow like-minded students to connect with peers about interests ranging from theater to pets to pen pals.

Explore Talents And Interests

  • Add elective courses to introduce your student to growing industries and career pathways.
  • Explore topics such as outer space, cooking, and novel-writing through special microcourses.
  • Participate in extracurricular clubs that cater to your student’s individual interests.

Learn A New Language

  • Start learning a language as early as kindergarten with courses designed for children.
  • Unique learning models with games, songs, stories, and interactive activities.
  • Choose your language with options for Spanish, Chinese, French, German, or Latin.

My daughter has been really enjoying her classes and teachers at Laurel Springs! I cannot tell you how much it means to me to see the communication and feedback she has been receiving. This is very different from the experience we have had with our previous school. We are so happy that we made the change!

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Allie Blevins

Laurel Springs Parent