#1 K-12 School for College Acceptance

Students at Laurel Springs School find a robust system of support the moment they take their first step into our virtual halls. From placement counselors at each grade level to college counseling from grade 6 and up, our learners are on-track for success in their collegiate careers and beyond.

World-class College Counseling

World-class College Counseling

Laurel Springs School students work closely with their dedicated college counselor from grade 9 through graduation. Counselors offer students a complete and personalized counseling experience. helping students define their college and career plans and developing a course of action to increase their chances of admission to their first-choice school. Additionally, counselors assist students with support and resources to help sharpen skills colleges expect from incoming first-year students like time management, studying, and goal-setting

NCAA Recruitment Support for Student-athletes

We offer the flexibility student-athletes need to compete at the highest level. Athletes at Laurel Springs increase training time by completing coursework when their schedule allows. Here, students can hone their interests academically and make time for their aspirations outside the classroom. Getting into NCAA Division I schools has never been easier.

Laurel Springs supports NCAA students in both their athletic and academic careers. Full-time Laurel Springs students interested in pursuing collegiate athletics receive ongoing access to members of the Student-Athlete Department who are ready to provide a continuous internal review process for college-bound student-athletes, guidance on NCAA eligibility, and resources specific to their unique search.

The Academy at Laurel Springs

A rigorous online program built around passions, interests, and talents provides the perfect entryway to higher education. The Academy at Laurel Springs is a selective college-prep program for students in grades 6-12. Academy students score higher than average on national testing, and lay the academic groundwork to get into their first-choice school.

100% of the Class of 2022 Academy graduates are college-bound.

$1.04M The Academy Class of 2022 reported receiving $1.04M in scholarships. That’s more than $86,300+ per student.