A Diverse Curriculum that Fosters Intellectual Curiosity

Laurel Springs School fosters intellectually curious students through a broad and diverse curriculum that facilitates each child's educational path and pace, inspiring personal and academic growth and mastery. Our K-12 online curriculum is designed to provide students with various levels of rigor and flexible learning to suit their needs as they advance into each grade level.

Lower School

Students entering Laurel Springs’ Lower School are introduced to a supportive learning environment that equips them with the foundational knowledge for achieving academic success.

Middle School

While students attend Middle School, they receive social, personal, and academic support while they work through grades six, seven, and eight, along with customized learning plans to ensure the best educational experience for their needs.

Upper School

Challenging classes and individualized counseling prepare students in Upper School to continue their education at respected universities and develop the skills needed for life after graduation. Courses include an extensive selection of Advanced Placement (AP) and honors-level courses, in addition to live college-level courses designed to expose students to the rigor of higher learning.

The Academy at Laurel Springs

The Academy at Laurel Springs is a selective, college-prep program for distinguished scholars in grades 6-12 that provides a personalized education built around each student’s interests, passions, and talents.
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The Postgraduate Program

The Laurel Springs School Postgraduate Program provides recent high school graduates an opportunity to spend the transitional time between high school and college with a purpose.
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Single Courses

Laurel Springs offers a diverse selection of individual courses that can be scheduled to fit your needs. We provide self-paced courses of study that students can take online while still attending their primary school program.
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