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From testimonies to statistics to independent ratings, when you’re searching for the best online high school in the United States, all of the information available from a search of your go-to engine will have your head spinning.

A slim portion of America’s public schools offer all of its courses in online versions—barely 5 percent, the National Center for Education Statistics reports—so many parents turn to private online education institutions to find the most suitable school path for their family. However, searching for the best online academy comes with its own set of challenges, including time, money, and effort wasted.

If you’re here, you probably want to know how Laurel Springs School compares to other online K–12 schools across the country. No need for a goose chase to find our rankings—we’re happy to show you how Laurel Springs measures up!

Laurel Springs School ranks in Niche’s Top 10 of all U.S. Online High Schools

Laurel Springs is proud to rank among the Top 10 Best Online High Schools in America on Niche. We earned a solid A+ in the category of Academics, configured from hundreds of Laurel Springs reviews and public data sets, including Common Core Data and information from the U.S. Department of Education.

In California’s online and/or private schools category, we hold the third rank of best online high schools, as well as spots in the top half for best private K–12 schools and top third for best college prep private schools. We’re proud our students worldwide benefit from our industry-leading curriculum.

Between our national and California rankings, Niche gave us an overall grade of A in the 2022 Best Schools lineup. As one student on Niche recently wrote in their five-star review: 

There are so many AP classes, honor classes, and interesting electives. I have been challenged academically.” 

Laurel Springs educators are engaged and dedicated leaders in the classroom. Niche reports more than 95 percent of our students shared they feel genuinely cared about by their Laurel Springs educators. Our careful attention to each child’s education starts before the (virtual) classroom, though. We believe the best approach starts with academic planning, setting our sights on academic excellence from the beginning. Our school counselors start this process by evaluating your child’s needs and skills to determine how we can help them achieve their goals and live their passion.

We excel in another important category. Especially important as your child nears their high school years: college prep.

As Niche reports, Laurel Springs earns an A+ in preparing our students for a successful and fulfilling path. College preparations start with career aspirations. We know choosing a direction can be daunting. Laurel Springs offers students a plethora of career exploration resources, including courses and clubs, to help hone future plans based on their goals and interests.

Laurel Springs ranked #5 in 50 Best Online Schools in America

When the pandemic shuttered brick-and-mortar schools in the 2020–2021 school year, many districts were scrambling to find a way to keep kids learning. Laurel Springs was at an advantage—we already had more than 30 years of experience in the online learning space. We are proud Newsweek ranked Laurel Springs in the Top 5 online schools nationwide.

HeyTutor’s rank for Laurel Springs—fifth out of every virtual K–12 program nationwide—demonstrates what we strive for daily, which is a valuable, lasting experience that meets standards and excels on the education playing field. 

Laurel Springs ranks in Value College’s Top 25 Best Value Online High Schools for 2022

We know overall value is top-of-mind for parents looking to invest in their children's K-12 education. We are proud to be in Value College’s Top 25 Best Value Online High Schools for 2022 using metrics including tuition cost, graduation rate, and reputation. Value Colleges provides an overall look at the top online "fully accredited institutions that have proven their value for graduates on the job and on the job market," basing rankings on IPED data and Niche rankings.

More than anything, we believe our students and alumni provide the absolute best representation of the way Laurel Springs measures up. Visit our blog to read more about the ways Laurel Springs has been impactful. Then join one of our upcoming Virtual Open House events to learn more.




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