Partnerships at Laurel Springs School

A Partnership with a Proven Leader
in Online Learning

Partnerships at Laurel Springs School offer customized opportunities for organizations and consultants around the world, enabling them to provide exceptional learning experiences for their student population—from an innovator and pioneer in online learning with a 30-year history.

Who We Serve: A Flexible and
Customizable Partner Approach

  • Sports and Performing Arts Academies
  • Homeschool Groups
  • Private Schools
  • Tutoring Centers
  • IECs

Sports and Performing Arts Academies

Provide academic flexibility, allowing students to attend classes when it works with their unique schedule.

Homeschool Groups

Access a broad range of rigorous, engaging courses, while having the option of offering single courses or a full course schedule.

Private Schools

Augment your current curriculum with specialized courses, such as AP or language courses, that they may not currently be able to offer.

Tutoring Centers

Offer additional academic support to the students that need it most.

Independent Education Consultants

Have the confidence of knowing you’re referring families to an online school with a reputable, proven educational approach.

Access All of Laurel Springs’ Extensive
Programs and Social Offerings

Laurel Springs’ Expansive Curriculum

Laurel Springs School fosters intellectually curious students through a broad and diverse curriculum that facilitates each child’s educational path and pace, inspiring personal and academic growth and mastery.

The Academy at Laurel Springs

The Academy at Laurel Springs is a selective college prep program for distinguished scholars in grades 6-12 that provides a personalized education built around each student’s interests, passions, and talents.

Extracurricular Activities for Every Age

Students can enjoy a variety of clubs, events, and organizations – including Model UN, National Honor Society and Junior Honor Society, yearbook, art, and music – in-person events around the world, prom, and a private social network.

Dedicated Support for Ongoing Success

At Laurel Springs School, the success of our partners is our success too. A dedicated team collaborates with each partner, based on their specific needs, and is available to provide support via video chat, phone, or email.

Academic Support

Receive guidance on all educational aspects and consultation to grow your program with best practices

Dedicated Staff Engagement

Work side-by-side with development, relations, marketing managers, and coordinators

Observer Account Access

Have secure visibility into a student’s schoolwork and progress to effectively measure your success

Relevant Marketing Support

Drive interest and engagement in your initiatives with press releases, social media announcements, newsletter highlights, co-branded materials, and more

Institutional Contributions

Set up flexible B2C and B2B options to manage tuition payments and student discounts

Educational Excellence Built on Experience

Currently, Laurel Springs partners with 300+ like-minded organizations and consultants who are leveraging the school’s wealth of experience and diverse curriculum to augment their own educational offerings. Given Laurel Springs’ global footprint, it’s also uniquely positioned to serve international students and connect them with a variety of educational opportunities – regardless of their location or time zone.

Let's Talk About Working Together

If you are interested in exploring our Partnership Program, please call us today at 877-775-0372 to speak to someone in our Partnerships Team.