Affordable Online Private School Tuition and Discounts

Laurel Springs School is an accredited online private school offering affordable tuition; payment options including 0% payment plans; and loyalty, military, sibling, and paid in full discounts for eligible families. Laurel Springs tuition is amongst the most affordable options in private school learning.

What's Included in Laurel Springs Tuition

Laurel Springs tuition varies based on grade level and selected courses and includes full enrollment, all course materials, and personalized, one-on-one teacher feedback. The tuition rates listed below are for the 2021-2022 school year. Please contact one of our admissions counselors for additional details on Laurel Springs tuition and payment options.

Lower School Tuition: Grades K-5

Laurel Springs Lower School is an online elementary learning program for students in kindergarten through grade five. The average tuition for students in grades K-5 in Laurel Springs Lower School is approximately $4,400 for the full year.

Full YearSemester
Core Courses$935$685
World Languages$935$685

Middle School Tuition: Grades 6-8

The Middle School is an online program for students in grades 6 through 8. At this level, students are appropriately challenged academically, and they begin developing self-advocacy and time management skills in preparation for Upper School. The average tuition for students in grades 6-8 in Laurel Springs Middle School is approximately $4,900 for the full year.

Full YearSemester
Core Courses$1,030$720
World Languages$1,030$720

Upper School Tuition: Grades 9-12

Upper school tuition fees are priced per course, for one semester or the full year. Tuition includes full enrollment, all course materials, syllabi, teacher services, semester evaluation, and transcript, and for grades 9-11, a diagnostic assessment. The average tuition for high school students in Laurel Springs Upper School is approximately $7,500 for the full year.

Full YearSemester
Advanced Placement$1,775$1,155
College Prep$1,175$775
World Languages$1,375$915

The Academy Tuition

The Academy at Laurel Springs is an accredited private online and selective college preparatory school for grades 6-12, providing a personalized education built around each student’s interests, passions, and talents. Students in The Academy study alongside like-minded peers from around the world. The Academy only accepts full-time students for semester or full-year enrollments. Middle School Academy students may take two high school level courses during their enrollment with no additional fees. Academy pricing includes up to two dual enrollment courses for Upper School students.

Full YearSemester
Middle School$10,000$5,500
Upper School$14,000$7,500

Additional Laurel Springs Registration Fees

Annual registration fee of $300 for full-time students and $150 for part-time students.
Shipping fees and applicable sales tax may apply.
Grade-level specific high school seminar courses are required each year for a $735 fee.
Seniors pay a $350 matriculation service fee. This fee is paid at the onset of the senior year and covers the cost of services associated with matruicluation and graduation from Laurel Springs School, including academic records, transcripts and diploma.
Due to changing costs, prices are subject to change without notice. Check this page for the latest pricing information.

Laurel Springs Tuition Discounts

Families that are eligible for loyalty, military, or sibling discount, can also receive a 2% discount if they pay in full.

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