Meet Anastasia Mirabelle, a Laurel Springs School Alumna Flexing her Creative Muscles


Anastasia Mirabelle is excited to begin her sophomore year at NYU and sink her teeth into the academic challenges ahead - due, in part, to her experience at Laurel Springs.

Some people are born to be on stage. Anastasia Mirabelle is one of them.

The 2021 Laurel Springs School graduate, who hails from Miami originally, is currently attending New York University's Tisch School of the Arts studying television and film. Her ambitions include making a name for herself in the entertainment industry as an actor, writer, and director.

Anastasia Mirabelle’s childhood dreams blossom

Anastasia was an 8th grader with big dreams. She started work as an actress and soon grew serious about her craft. She was enrolled at Miami Country Day, and it became clear to her parents that a change was in order. She needed an educational solution allowing her to focus on her work as an actress and build a portfolio while still attending school.

Reflecting back, Anastasia says Laurel Springs allowed her to spread her wings creatively while preparing her for what was to follow academically. On top of that, she still had the opportunity to socialize with others her age.

“I've always wanted to go to university and graduate and still have those experiences,” Anastasia says. “I was in 8th grade, and I needed a connection with people still. We realized Laurel Springs had virtual events and ways of connecting their students. It wasn't just a standard online program where the kids weren't interacting with one another.”

Broadening horizons

Speaking of interactions, Anastasia says the teachers at Laurel Springs were well equipped to engage with the students.

“What stuck out to me was being able to interact with my teachers and reach out to them if I had a question about the coursework,” she says.

Anastasia was equally engaged and invested in her education, serving as a student ambassador and participating in the film club.

These activities forged relationships she still maintains today.

“I'm in touch with most of the people I met through the student ambassador program,” Anastasia says. “I was a part of the club for three years. So for three years, we were communicating every single week together. I'm in contact with them through Instagram. I met some of them when I went to New York. Some of the students were in Connecticut, so we met up. It’s great to meet people in person when you've been working with them online for so long.”

A global perspective

Anastasia is excited to begin her sophomore year at NYU and sink her teeth into the academic challenges ahead. Certain aspects of college have been less challenging than others, and she says it’s due, in part, to her experience at Laurel Springs.

In addition to being academically prepared, Anastasia says the skills she developed as an asynchronous learner helped set the stage for success.

“Attending online high school is all about discipline and self-integrity,” she says. “I improved my self-discipline and learned how to communicate and express myself in an online world.”

As a current student at a university that welcomes students from around the world, many of her NYU friends hail from Europe and Latin America, and one new friend is from Shanghai. Her experience at Laurel Springs exposed her to students from all over the globe as well. Now, she’s doing the same at the university level, only this time, the education is in person.

“It's nice to be able to attend an in-person school and be in an environment with different people who have different experiences from their high school,” Anastasia says. “I feel like my experience with Laurel Springs brings me a unique story to tell whenever I talk about my high school experience.”

Channeling creativity

Anastasia is currently focused on acting, but not exclusively. As she thinks about her future, she envisions acting as just one part of her creative self.

In her words, “I see myself connecting acting, writing, and directing together. It allows for an intimate way of storytelling since much of what I write about explores psychology.”

In the meantime, Anastasia’s focus is on her second year at NYU and exploring the “city that never sleeps” more intimately, along with other pursuits.

An innate part of acting is being up for the unexpected and having the courage to test the limits. Bringing that philosophy to her personal life has led to some amazing experiences—scuba diving, wakeboarding, and skydiving. Anastasia loves pursuing one new activity after another.

“On every set, we are pushing boundaries,” she says. “I’m either learning a new fight sequence or changing my appearance by altering my hair, voice, and expression.”

“I always have my nose in a book, or I'm doing something creative,” she says. “I am an adventurer at heart. Whether I'm exploring a new character or writing a screenplay. The adventure in creating keeps me fueled.”

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