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Make the Switch Any Time of Year

Your child deserves an education that champions them holistically. Our accredited online private school empowers K-12 students to thrive both inside and outside of academics – resulting in a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Transfer today, transform their education

Laurel Springs’ flexible, personalized learning approach meets the academic and lifestyle needs of student-athletesperformers, world travelers, accelerated learners, military families, former brick-and-mortar students, and so much more. No matter a student’s location, background, outside passions or academic interests, they’re presented with a pathway for achieving their dreams at Laurel Springs.
  • Academic Excellence

    Laurel Springs is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and Cognia.
  • Comprehensive Courses

    Our course catalog features a wide range of courses for Elementary, Middle, and High School students. Well-rounded academic programming means there’s opportunity for every K-12 student to find their unique pathway forward.
  • Proven Success

    For more than 30 years, families have turned to Laurel Springs’ online education solution to meet their child’s needs. From college and career counseling to NCAA student-athlete guidance, our programming and support offerings equip students with everything they need to succeed academically and beyond.

It’s time to make the switch

Flexible Programming That Meets You Right Where You Are

At Laurel Springs, we empower students to take control of their education – allowing them to complete coursework on their own time, choose their learning environments, and customize their calendars with up to 10 blackout dates per semester for personal events, vacation, performances, or competitions. With our rolling admissions offering, parents have the freedom to enroll their child at any time, selecting a start date that suits their family best. Furthermore, our new cohort enrollment dates enrich a student’s entry to Laurel Springs by providing them with grade-level meet-and-greets, personalized onboarding from teachers and faculty, and a more in-depth introduction to our programming.

Upcoming cohort dates:

  • December 11
  • January 8 and 16
  • February 5 and 20
  • March 4 and 18
  • April 8 and 22
  • May 6 and 20
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Tailored Support

We want your child’s transition to Laurel Springs to be easy and exciting. After enrolling, your child will work with a placement counselor to develop a personalized learning plan and course schedule that accommodates their unique interests and needs. College counselors for High School students also provide guidance surrounding goal setting, time management, and college and career planning. This guarantees every student is set up for success and feels enthusiastic about their journey ahead!
Uncover Academic Planning

Qualified Teachers

Our educators are more than teachers. With advanced degrees and specialized training for online instruction, they're experts in fostering an interactive and supportive learning environment. They're here for your child – offering personalized feedback, dedicated office hours, and ongoing assessment to ensure a meaningful, individualized educational experience.
Discover Our Approach

Vibrant Global Community

From the moment they decide to join us, students are welcomed into a lively community that extends across the globe – enriching their time at Laurel Springs with over 30 clubs and activities, in-person meetups, field trips, and memorable annual events such as prom and graduation. All events and activities are held in secure environments and guided by our faculty, ensuring each student feels safe.
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Advance to the Academy

Imagine an education where every aspect is tailored to your child's unique ambitions and abilities. This is The Academy at Laurel Springs, a comprehensive college-prep program for students in grades 6-12. At The Academy, your child will be part of a community of passionate, like-minded peers who are equally driven academically and thrive in rigorous educational settings.
The Laurel Springs Academy - A rigorous academic program for distinguished scholars in grades 6-12
Andrew Meier, Laurel Springs Class of 2022

The time management between school and tennis is really difficult. Just the fact I can accomplish both things at one time is huge. When I was a freshman, I made this goal that I wanted to play Division I. As I went on, I got better and better and better. Signing just felt amazing. IU is the perfect school for me.”

Andrew Meier, Class of 2022

The school of choice for K-12 students

Their education is in your hands

Our online education caters to a diverse group of learners. No matter the reason you decide to transfer schools, Laurel Springs will support and equip each student with the academic and soft skills necessary for lifelong success.


Raven Dukane, Class of 2022, William & Mary
Collegiate Success

Caps Off to the Class of 2023

  • 91%

    91% of graduates from the Class of 2023 are college-bound

  • 77%

    of our Class of 2023 graduates who applied to college were offered admission to their first-choice school

  • $10M

    Class of 2023 graduates were awarded a reported $10M+ in Merit Scholarships

  • 76%

    Class of 2023 graduates were offered admission to 76% of U.S. News and World Report's Top 50 schools


  • Can my elementary, middle, or high school student change schools midway through the school year?

    Contrary to popular belief, you can switch schools at any time throughout the school year. However, there may be some conditions you need to meet at your child’s current school and their new school. In some states, public school districts are required to offer open enrollment, but in others, it’s optional. Brick-and-mortar schools also request the reason for changing your child’s school and can deny your school transfer.
  • How do you change schools midway through?

    Traditionally, parents send transfer requests or applications to their new school. Most schools have specific enrollment dates, and students must wait weeks or even months to begin their new school if they switch midyear. Laurel Springs, on the other hand, offers rolling admissions so students can enroll at any time.
  • What are reasons to change schools?

    The most common reason to change schools is if your family is moving or if your child is being bullied. However, your child can switch schools if they’re experiencing disruptions in the classroom, feeling unchallenged by their coursework, aren’t receiving enough support from teachers and counselors, being overwhelmed with a busy schedule, or not having the overall resources to succeed academically or socially.
  • Is there a checklist to reviewing my child’s first semester in a brick-and-mortar?

    Sit down with your child and have an open, honest conversation about their last semester by reviewing the following:

    1. Grades
    2. Curriculum
    3. Extracurriculars
    4. Teacher or counselor interactions
    5. Overall attitude towards school

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